Iluminación standard OPT Machine Vision Multi-Spectrum Shadowless Ring Light OPT-RIPM Series

Product Features:
  • Including 8 wavelengths, such as 405nm(UV), 475nm(B), 530nm(G), 590nm(orange), 660nm(R), 850nm(infrared).
  • Each waveband uniformly distributes in four regions; each waveband in each region can be controlled separately.
  • Suitable for complex applications such as color recognition and 3D information of subject surface extraction.


Application Cases:

  • Food and drug Quality inspection
  • Packaging color difference control; characters recognition on reflective and transparent packaging
  • Reflective, textured, irregular objects defect detection
  • 3D defect detection (Photometric Stereo)
  • Transparent objects contour detection


Selection Guide: