Analizador de espectro R&S® FPH-COM1

11.480,00  (Sin IVA)

  • 5 kHz up to 31 GHz
  • Performance: excellent displayed average noise level (DANL)
  • Portability: lightweight (2.5 kg) and battery lasts for a day’s work
  • Price: affordable price
  • User experience redefined thanks to multitouch interface


R&S®Spectrum Rider FPH

Contains serialized products:

R&S®Spectrum Rider FPH Combi Analzer 1321.1111K02 consisting of

  • R&S®Spectrum Rider FPH
  • R&S®FPH-B3 Frequency Upgrade, 2 GHz to 3 GHz
  • R&S®FPH-B4 Frequency Upgrade, 3 GHz to 4 GHz
  • R&S®FPH-B22 Spectrum Analyzer Preamplifier
  • R&S®FPH-K43 Receiver Mode
  • R&S®FPH-K15 Interference Analysis
  • R&S®FPH-K16 Signal Strength Mapping Measurement Application
  • R&S®FPH-K7 Modulation Analysis
  • R&S®FPH-K9 Power Sensor Support
  • R&S®FPH-K19 Channel Power Meter
  • R&S®FPH-K29 Pulse Measurements with Power Sensor

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