Analizador de espectro R&S® FPC-COM1

5.230,00  (Sin IVA)

  • RF performance engineered in Germany
  • 10.1″ WXGA (1366 × 768 pixel) display – largest and highest resolution in class
  • Tracking generator and independent CW signal generator
  • Built-in VSWR bridge
  • One port vector network analyzer with Smith chart display


FPC1000 Spectrum analyzer

Contains serialized product+options:
R&S®FPC1000 Spectrum Analyzer 1328.6660K02 consisting of:

-R&S®FPC1000 Spectrum Analyzer
-R&S®FPC-B2 Freq. Upgrade 1 GHz-2GHz
-R&S®FPC-B3 Freq. Upgrade 2 GHz-3GHz
-R&S®FPC-B22 Preamplifier
-R&S®FPC-K7 Modulation analysis
-R&S®FPC-K43 Receiver mode

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