Caudalímetro Integral Magnético Yokogawa RXF

0.5 % of rate

Adhesion (Electrode Coating) Diagnosis
By constantly monitoring the level of insulating substance on the electrodes, it is possible to determine when maintenance is required.

Empty Pipe Detection
The unit can detect if the pipe is full or drained / empty.

Display mode, 1 Line / 2 Line / 3 Line
Select between various flow parameters and 1 line, 2 line or 3 line display mode to customize our clear and versatile process indicator. The backlit LCD indicator is full dot-matrix style. At alarm condition a full description of the necessary countermeasure is indicated.

Optical Infrared Switches
These “touch through glass” optical switches allow adjustment of all meter parameters without opening the cover.

Conductivity Limits
Size 15 mm to 1000 mm (0.5 to 40 in): ≥ 5 µs/cm

Multi-Range / Autorange Function
Status input enables different range selections on request. Autorange function is also possible up to 4 ranges.

Bidirectional Flow Measurement
Flow indication and totalization in both directions is standard.

Preset Totalizer / Batching
A totalizer preset controlled by the status input is available for batch operations.

Positive Zero Return (PZR / 0 % Signal Lock)
Status input will force display and all outputs to 0 %.

Flexible Direction for Wiring Ports
The converter or the terminal box for general-purpose use and the sanitary style can be rotated arbitrarily to change the direction of the electrical connections.

Lay Length acc. to ISO 13359
Flanged flowtubes styles, sizes 15 mm to 400 mm (0.5 to 16 in), have lay length according to ISO 13359.

“Easy Setup” Parameters
The most frequently used parameters are arranged in a group at the top.

High-Speed Pulse Output
The pulse rate goes up to 10,000 pps (pulse/second) for use with high speed applications such as short time batch processes.

Programmable Input / Output Configuration
The integral flowmeter provides capability to customize the number of signal inputs and outputs.

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