Testec TT-SI 8071

625,00  (IVA Excl.)

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TT-SI 8071 TT-SI 8110
Order Number 15401 15410
Bandwidth 70MHz 100MHz
Attenuation x10 / x100 x100 / x1000
DC-Accuracy ±2%
Max. Input Voltage
Differential Mode
±70V (DC + AC peak) @ x10
±700V (DC + AC peak) @ x100
±280V (DC + AC peak) @ x100
±2800V (DC + AC peak) @ x1000
Max. Input Voltage
Common Mode
±700V (DC + AC peak) ±2800V (DC + AC peak)
Max. Input Voltage
(each side to ground)
600Vrms CAT III
1000Vrms CAT II
Safety Standard IEC1010-031:2015
Data Sheet No disponible
Specifications No disponible
Manual No disponible
Supplied Accessories 2 x Test Leads with insulated 4mm Banana Plugs (red & black)
2 x Grabber (red & black), 2 x Pincer (red & black)
2 x Alligator Clips (red & black), 1 x Insulated BNC Cable 100cm
1 x USB power lead, 1 x Mains Adapter 220V EU Version

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