Fuente de alimentación R&S® NGP822

3.135,00  (IVA Excl.)

Key Facts

  • Channel count: 2
  • output power: 400 W
  • voltage per channel: 64 V
  • current per channel: 10 A
  • Up to 250 V or 80 A in series or parallel operation
  • Large touch display

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Boost your efficiency with quad-core power

The R&S®NGP800 DC power supply series, comprising five models with 400 W or 800 W, provides maximum power at a variety of operating points. The two or four 200 W outputs can each supply up to 64 V or up to 20 A. Electrically equivalent and galvanically isolated outputs can be wired in series or parallel for up to 250 V or 80 A.