Analizador de espectro R&S® FSC3 .13 (tracking generator)

8.590,00  (IVA Excl.)

Key facts

  • Frequency range 9 kHz to 3 GHz
  • Resolution bandwidths 10 Hz to 3 MHz
  • High sensitivity (< –141 dBm (1 Hz), with optional preamplifier < –161 dBm (1 Hz ))
  • Tracking generator and independent CW signal generator

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Brief description

The R&S®FSC is a compact, cost-efficient solution that offers all essential features of a professional spectrum analyzer with Rohde & Schwarz quality. It covers a wide range of applications from simple development tasks to production, or can be used for training RF professionals.



  • Measurement functions
  • Easy operation
  • Documentation and remote control